Deodorant Crystal Stone


Manufactured by Masik
60 ml


Concentrated and highly effective deodorant.
Contains herbal and healthy ingredients only that feed the skin and maintain dry and fresh skin over time.
A pleasant scent, do not stain clothes, alcoholic and aluminum free, dries up quickly, excellent for sensitive skin and excessive sweating. Do not contains preservatives and synthetic perfumes. SLS free.
Perfumed by aromatic oils.

עלות משלוח בישראל: ₪24
הזמנה מעל ₪200 משלוח חינם ( דואר ישראל 7 ימי עסקים)
הזמנה מעל ₪400 משלוח חינם (שליח עד הבית 3 ימי עסקים)
Deodorant Crystal Stone
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